5 Expert tips for Finding your Dream Wedding Dress

This is a lot of pressure to put on oneself, but you are not alone, Olivelli Bridal is here to help with special tips!


Wedding dresses come in many styles to suit every shape and size, but you should look for something that compliments both your body and your personality. Try not to have a preconceived idea of what you should wear, let the experts help you!

You could be hugely surprised by being open to the advice of your wedding dress consultant and the dress you never thought you would wear could turn out to be a dream come true! 

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One of the most important items on your wedding to-do list should be to set your budget. When setting your budget for your wedding dress, don’t forget to include a budget for items such as your shoes, alterations and accessories such as your garter, earrings and veil.

Try to stick to your budget! 


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  • WHEN TO START LOOKING: You should start looking for your wedding dress at least eight or nine months before your wedding date as wedding dresses take 4 months until delivery.Once you have found your dream dress, alterations will take nine weeks to be completed and you will need to make provision for at least four to five fittings. If you live in another town or country and you want us to give you that perfect fit, you need to make special arrangements for alterations to your wedding dress so that it can be done in time.
  • WHEN TO BOOK YOUR APPOINTMENT: During the week we are more flexible and are able to spend more time with you in search of your dream dress, but Saturdays we are working according to a tight time schedule and have to stick to our 90 minute appointments in order to accommodate everyone!
  • DON’T PICK IT JUST BECAUSE IT IS TRENDY!When it comes to your wedding dress, you should focus on the best suitable silhouette and not choose a dress because it is trendy! Choosing a wedding dress that is in keeping with the current fashion trends, will date your photographs and as you want them to last a lifetime, you really want your dress to be something more classic and timeless! Search for an interesting neckline that compliments your face as this will show in all photographs. The back is important because this is what your guests will see during the ceremony.


Remember, less is definitely more when it comes to the number of gowns to try on, or the number of people to bring along to your fitting or wedding dress search! 

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We have already recommended that you be open minded about the style and silhouette, now you need to try on dresses! Try not to fit too many as you will become very confused!

Not helpful? Take your lead from the consultant! She will take you through what the store has to offer and what looks really good on you! Once you have found us, stick with us! There is no need to go from store to store being confused and more overwhelmed!

WHO WILL IT BE? Be careful of bringing your whole crew to your fitting appointment as your bridesmaids might be looking to see their dream dress on you and not the one that suits you best! That could be very confusing!

Karen, owner of Olivelli, suggests that you bring only those closest to you who will have your best interest at heart!

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