Saturday, February 24, 2018

Welcome to my corner of the bright shiny thing called the internet! I live in Joburg with my techno geek husband and son, hoping to keep up with the two early adopters. My day job is as a marketer, PR practitioner and social media management consultant and the blog is where I share all the cool stuff I receive from fellow PR executives and brands.

I am a .........

Mother, wife, friend, marketing & PR professional, magazine junkie, social media enthusiast and practitioner, book reader (yes occasionally still the real thing). A blogger supporting the hidden journalist inside..... And Virtual Assistant.......

I started Janet Generally Speaking ages ago and it was going really well until I got tied up at work and really busy. It was then that I decided to delete it! Yes! Can you believe all that content and time and effort..... gone!

On the 29th of September 2017, I began another exciting journey and am no longer hectically busy at my job and have started the blog again, from scratch!

The focus is slightly different and I will be looking at crafting (which I love), teenagers (one of which I love), health and beauty, the home including kitchen stuff and decor items, etc. The blog will grow from there because it will once again be about things I like and love and interest me.

Most of the material is supplied by the brand or the PR agency/consultant working with the brand. I do not currently charge for posts, but may sell advertising in the future.

Professionally, I am a marketer and PR professional with a love for social media working with my husband at Pint Size Media.

The Reviews and Comment over Coffee sections of this blog are purely my opinion.
Join me as I explore, enjoy and share with you.

..........Oh and, I make a point of not curating my Insta feed.

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