Bulletproof Marriage offers confidential relationship counselling

Monday, March 05, 2018
All relationships face challenges which need to be managed to prevent ongoing conflict and unresolved issues taking root. Chatting to couples who are in long-term successful marriages can be beneficial because they look objectively at the challenge and can offer tried and tested solutions based on the practical tips from the international best-seller Bulletproof Marriage: Your shield against divorce.

Marcia and Marcelo Pires, one of the couples offering free marriage counselling at the Bulletproof Marriage stand at The Wedding Expo, say: “While much of the focus for brides is on the wedding day, it is important to invest in the marriage and learn how to manage challenges to find a win-win solution. Communication is essential but few couples realise how important it is to listen to the other party without immediately attempting to defend themselves and justify their behaviour. Empathetic listening helps people see the situation from the other person’s perspective enabling them to think about how they would react in the same position and what steps they would like implemented to resolve the conflict. Areas of difficulty which are not addressed do not magically disappear, but fester and erupt in future. Understanding the root cause of difficulties and finding mutually acceptable solutions is one of the keys to successful relationships.”

Visitors to The Wedding Expo in March are invited to take advantage of the free, confidential, non-judgmental counselling offered by the Bulletproof Marriage team. Everyone is welcome to chat to a couple who have learned how to manage their marriage successfully, using intelligent rather than emotional love.

Visit us at stands F8 and G7.
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